Cape Town Deeds Office | Update

Cape Town Deeds Office | Update

The Cape Town Deeds Office has given new instructions in respect of Level 3 Lockdown. Please take note of the following important notes:

  1. At the close of 2020 the Deeds Office still had 4000 deeds on junior examination and in order to clear this, the deeds office will only allow attorneys to lodge deeds again from 11 January 2021. Any deeds which were lodged last year and which must still come up for registration, however, can proceed to register.
  2. We do not know at this stage what the turn-around time will be after 11 January 2021.
  3. As long as we are back on level 3, only conveyancers will be allowed into the Deeds Office but not any employees, i.e. article clerks and messengers, who normally play a vital role in supporting our functions at the Deeds Office. This will of course have an impact on our turn-around times in order to address enquiries, conduct vital searches, etc.
  4. Only 80 conveyancers will be allowed into the Deeds Office at any given time until further notice. The notification received states as follows:

“Thereafter, (after level 3, level 4 and level 5) only a limited number will be allowed entrance with a total at 110. Conveyancers must arrange amongst themselves how many members of each group must be allowed as we will not deal with complaints about waiting in long lines outside.” In the light of the restricted access, this may once again impact our turn-around times.

Thank you for supporting us as law firm, your business is of utmost important to us. We trust that you understand that turn-around times may be negatively affected and we will endeavour to lodge and register your transaction without unnecessary delays.

We are hopeful for a prosperous 2021