Day 4 of our national lockdown means we are spending much more time at home than usual…no restaurant dates, no shopping trips and no office time.

This however does provide us with time to reflect on our homes. No matter what the short- medium- or long-term impacts, there is always a need for home maintenance, and no matter too what the market is doing, there will always be people who need to sell their homes. While you may not be able to shop for paint, and other such repair or home enhancing materials, there should at least be time to really examine those area’s much overlooked, or to make lists and decide on priorities for home improvements.

Affordable, or no-cost repairs, can be a starting point:

  • Mowing lawns
  • Trimming trees and weeding beds
  • Patch up leaking hoses
  • Check with neighbours if you can swop plants from each another’s gardens
  • Wash your washing machine, and remove lint from dryers
  • Run a dishwasher on a cycle with no contents
  • Get stuck into the fridge; throw out old and never-used jars of condiments
  • Clear out drains and gutters of debris
  • Deep cleanse nooks and crannies oft overlooked by mere daily housekeeping
  • ‘Spring’ clean one or two rooms a week
  • Clear the clutter in garages and outbuildings
  • Reverse ceiling fan rotation – counter wise in summer, clockwise in winter, and clean the blades
  • Clean out exhaust fans and stove extractors
  • Check roof tiles for movement and/or broken tiles
  • Seek out ant/termite/spider nests for potential extermination
  • If you have paint, touch up any scuff marks
  • Examine taps and cisterns for leaks – including those outdoors
  • Check locks and seals
  • Door handles, light and wall switches may require good cleaning
  • Inspect drive- and walkways for cracks
  • Deep clean the braai
  • If you have unused Tupperware, use it to decant food stuff from packaging, and check all grocery cupboards for expired products that should be thrown out
  • Clean out dog kennels and wash bedding
  • Brush dogs, give them a bath
  • Air out your linen cupboard and cut down old towels for home cleaning rags
  • Ready your wardrobe for winter, and consider bagging unused items for donation to the poor
  • Check alarm systems and monitors
  • Oil squeaky doors and hinges
  • Check screws on all appliances and fixtures to ensure they are tight.
  • Clean light fittings and shades

We hope you feel a bit more motivated to start working on those small (but very important) household maintenance chores.

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