Phased Recovery of the Economy

Phased Recovery of the Economy

Last night most of us watched as President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined the gradual and phased recovery of the economy beyond Thursday, 30 April 2020.

The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCC) decided that the national coronavirus alert level will be lowered from level 5 to level 4 from Friday, 1 May 2020.

Here is a snapshot summary of what this entails:

Level 5 means that drastic measures are required to contain the spread of the virus to save lives.

Level 4 means that some activity can be allowed to resume subject to extreme precautions required to limit community transmission and outbreaks.

Level 3 involves the easing of some restrictions, including on work and social activities, to address a high risk of transmission.

Level 2 involves the further easing of restrictions, but the maintenance of physical distancing and restrictions on some leisure and social activities to prevent a resurgence of the virus.

Level 1 means that most normal activity can resume, with precautions and health guidelines followed at all times.

The strategy as follows:

  • South Africa will shift to a system of alert levels at the provincial and district levels.
  • Different parts of the country may be at different levels at the same time.
  • Each area’s alert level will be determined by the rate of the infection and the health system capacity.
  • The NCC will review and change alert levels as needed.
  • Many restrictions on public life and gatherings will remain despite lower alert levels.
  • There’ll be no international travel, except for the repatriation of South African nationals and foreign citizens.
  • Businesses will be encouraged to adopt a work-from-home strategy.
  • In some cases, a sector won’t be able to return to full production during Level 4. These will be spelt out next week.

A full detailed document setting out this objective is available on the Official Corona Virus WhatsApp Business Account 060 012 3456 and support web link for more information here.

For any concerns or queries, please contact us at 021 976 2730.

By Alet Smit | Attorney & Group Marketing Head