We’re still dancing!

We’re still dancing!

We’re still dancing! The Louw & Coetzee Properties sales team have been dancing to the beat of very active drums lately. And since lockdown, (and might I say, despite lockdown), we’ve been able to conclude 8 sales!

Of these sales, the following statistics may surprise you:

  • Sales prices vary between R2mil and R8,7mil
  • 5 properties are in security or lifestyle estates
  • The Areas include: Durbanville, Paarl & Parow
  • 3 of these are “subject to viewing after lockdown
  • Only 3 of the 8 were viewed by the purchaser prior to lockdown
  • The viewings of the 5 remaining sales were done virtually by photo’s, video’s or virtual walk-through’s with the owner and agent

Recently, we have all been focusing on providing a safe environment for our families.  It therefore comes as no surprise that there is an increasing demand for properties in security or lifestyle estates where the immediate environment surrounding your home could be better controlled.  We foresee this demand continuing after the lockdown has ended, more so since the recent 200 basis point drop in interest rates.

So put on your dancing shoes, and dance with us!

Francois Louw | Managing Director